ProMedia is a name for set of programs created by crazy man called Dalen.
He is webmaster and owner of these sites, on which, he tries to give the world what it never had.
He decided to make ProMedia PlayCOn server 1.0 available for anyone. With PlayCOn, radio streaming over network became positively easy!
Make regular checks to this site to find out when is PlayCOn avaible for download.
ProMedia Player 1.1.4B is in creation state.

For the presence, here is ProMedia Player 1.1.0B:
As announced before, certain circumstances has brought the program to version 1.1.0B.
It seems to me that this program will soon reach the version 1.3 when it becomes an open source.
Never mind that. I am really glad that the development went as expected.
Like before, the program is here for download, but it is still the beta version and the installation password will be given only to testers.
On these pages I would also like to say thanks to every tester who suggested or criticized something and so gave me the opportunity to make such a progress.

Anyone who is interested to became a beta-tester of ProMedia Player could contact me by e-mail.

"Here" you can:

  * Download the software (ProMedia Player 7.40 MB)

  * Find out what's new in version 1.1.0B

  * Read about the bugs in version 1.1.0B

  * Learn about still inactive menu items

  * Subscribe for beta-testing

Contac me:

  * By e-mail

  * Using Skype's: "ProMedia_HR" or "Brailleweb"

  * By calling mobile phone number:
    (+385 99) 400 99 68

Support manager: Gordana Vorkapi Jugovac, psych.
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