The so called bugs of ProMedia Player 1.1.0B

 1. CD playing works completely wrong. Really silly because the programing instructions seems to be correct.

 2. The errors occure while closing the program in middle-play or something simmilar. Some of them you can easily liquidate by deleting an application "w9xpopen.exe" located in the player's home directory.

 3. Impossible to load files (songs) with the same name inacordable of their path. I.e:
c:\01-track1.mp3 and d:\01-track1.mp3 will be recognised as last imported file, which means that we will have two samenamed songs in a playlist and both will play d:\01-track1.mp3 (last imported song).

 4. Little problems in translation to other languages, in system of declynation (slavic langs. for instance).

 5. Functions "Backward" and "Forward" not working properly, better to say, not working at all.

 6. The unfinished parts of the program are not marked as "disabled" (for instance, whole menu "Special").

 7. Unable to read any other files excepting MPEG mp3, PCM wave and "CDDA audio". There are ProMedia's files e.g. Playlist files and internal setting files (*.pdc) which, naturally, "must" be readable.

 8. Cannot be run on older windows platforms (3.1, 95; 98; 98Se, ME) and not yet ready for running on Mac and Linux.

 9. The program's view cannot be changed.

10. Impossibility to perform simple internet streaming.

11. Playing only songs with freq. of 4100 (stereo&mono) and 2050 (stereo only).
12. If a song is not properly converted/recorded or if it is corrupted a little the program will simple crush. Solveing: Task manager.
Play of mono song with 2050 freq. will increase a speed of playback and it would sound odd.

13. The behaviour under windows vista is still not well explored, but, generaly, it works.

14. Spotted that playback is sometimes slower that should be. That goes only for certain files, lucky me. The problem, maybe, lies in buffer size.

15. Updates does not work as intended. For everione still having version 1.0B, it's recommended to download the program from these sites. This will be solved in following version.

16. Still not firm and selfstanding (Means, can be disturbed by other threads and programs).

Note that all these, let say, bugs have been spotted by testers and obviously, by author himself.
Some testers expressed some ideas which are already taken in view and implanted in this version of program.

Thanks for help in building a new, multimedial world!!!

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