This page is devoted to beta-testing of ProMedia Player.
The creation of Dalen's muddy brain aims to be proffessional, multimedial player. The word ProMedia also describes its goal.
At the moment I am concentrating to make it accessible, as far as possible, with an accent on secure ways of file manipulations.
By this I mean the safety and accessibility in creating playlists while playing with no fear to interrupt the playback or do anything what you didn't want to do.

The product is intending to be the player for radio stations and suchlike things, but the way to bugs-free program is always hard.
At the moment 13 persons are testing the program to make it better. They are reporting errors, things that they would like to include or throw out of it, giving new ideas, and so on.
If you want to join the beta-testing team, just send an e-mail to
with your:
* name and surname,
phone number or
Skype or
Yahoo contact.

You will be contacted back for little chat and given the instalation password for installation of the above mentioned program.

It will be ideal, if you are able to comunicate in one, or more, of following languages:
Bosanski, Deutsch, English, Hrvatski, Italiano or Srpski.

I am waiting for your mail!!!

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